Headshop History – Why We Call Them Headshops?

Headshop History

Source: Milk and Whiskey

Ever since they came into existence, it have become one of the most established parts of the American counterculture. These stores sell different items associated with tobacco and marijuana along with other stuff including clothes, music and more. However, the term appears strange when you look at it. Let us take a closer look at how they got their name and how they work. 

Why It is Called a Headshop?

The word may date back to the popular vocabulary but the origin of the term still remains confusing. While some claim that head is an acronym of ‘He Eats Acid Daily’, others relate the term to the nickname of ‘dead heads’. The most likely origin of the term is known to have been related to a slang that originated in 1913. It was when somebody first associated the word ‘head’ with drug to describe the subject as an addict. In the 60s when pot heads became a known aspect of the counterculture in America, shops catered to those who were looking to improve their experience. People using substances were known by names like ‘pothead’. This is how headshop might have got its name. It’s aim was, in short, to help the customers feed their heads. Calling a store by the name might sound confusing to us at this time, but it makes sense when we learn about life in America in the 1960s. Today, cannabis and other drugs are more accepted than ever. 

Role of a Local Shop

They started as stores specializing in the sale of drug paraphernalia. One could count on a local shop to hold tools and goods intended to keep up the intoxication. They sold everything from rolling papers and water pipes to visual aids. The drug itself was not a part of the inventory though. Laws often forced shops to create an impression that the pipes they sold were not meant for drug use. Usage of some words was also banned in head shops. 

The Rise and Fall of Shops

When shops first began emerging, they were commonly found in the major American cities. They did not ever go away completely but when the stoner culture was adopted by corporations, an average shop was forcibly transformed into a smoke store where only the drug paraphernalia like bongs was sold. With cannabis getting legalized in a number of states across multiple countries, headshops have started gaining back their popularity. Many of them have evolved beyond their land-based predecessors with the introduction of online shops. 

Why Modern Shoppers Love Online Shop?

In this world of online shopping, brick-and-mortar shops are facing great competition from online shops. An online head shop fits perfectly into the modern marketplace due to the convenience it offers for ordering from home. While there is something special about walking into a shop and talking with the employees, hitting an online shop is more convenient when you know what you want. Today’s online shops offer all the services, offering the traditional bongs and water pipes in a variety of sizes and designs.

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